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Scuba diving is an exciting water sport. This course if taken on a full-time basis can be completed between 3-5 days. If a man or woman is doing it on a part-time basis, he can complete according to his convenience. People who understand this course while they’re on a holiday, prefer to do it full time.

This course trains you to learn the scuba diving techniques which will let you become an independent diver.

The basic stages involved in studying scuba diving are:

Stage 1: Understanding the concept of diving

Once you enroll for diving, you are given literature and DVDs to understand diving. You can study on your own or there’s the choice of classroom study. Online courses are also offered. Various institutes provide e-learning material for their students. The study material basically contains information about basic diving techniques, effects of diving on the body, diving safety, selection of diving equipment and its maintenance, etc.. After the conclusion of the program, a test is held. Passing the exam prepares you for the next stage.

After you understand the concepts of diving completely,you are ready to be trained in confined waters like a swimming pool or a calm beach. The first stage of underwater training is done in shallow waters where you are able to stand under water. After training, you will slowly gain the confidence of staying under water. Then you may venture into deeper waters that are restricted. As soon as you are comfortable under water, you are prepared for the next stage.

All the preparation finally culminates into achieving the main objective of scuba diving in open waters. Open water diving is diving in big seas or oceans. Initially, open water diving is done by going down with diving instructors. After a few such sessions, the person is prepared for independent scuba-diving.

Some training institutes provide the facility of’referral training’. Referral training is when you’re able to complete the concept and the confined water training stages at your house place, and have the flexibility to complete the open water stage at any location of your choice.

This sport isn’t very difficult to learn. After becoming a certified diver, you have the option of exploring the seas and oceans across the world. You can enjoy the gorgeous coral reefs and varied marine life underwater.

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